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The Mute Button

The Mute Button

Wife works, I’m often home late, kids are either watching their own TV’s or online somewhere and the world is full of ageing, deaf baby bommers many of whom are watching TV with subtitles. So at ourContinue Reading

15 Tips For a Great Ad – Number 11 – You Can’t Always Be A Star

15 Tips For a Great Ad – Number 11 – You Can’t Always Be A Star

Hopefully this series is helping you link better with your creative department. When both sides understand each others perspective, I think we all win. You Can’t Always Be a Star.. Here in Sydney,Continue Reading

Targeting Your Market

In the third of Shaun Fay’s “Extremely Valuable tips” he talked about the target market – in other words talking to the right audience, reader or viewer. Shot Gun The one common mistake that many media reps make is selling a client a product or offer that simply does not fit the demographic or audienceContinue Reading

It’s Different Here

These last few weeks I have been travelling to Asia to visit some clients and make contacts with some new ones. In my capacity as the owner of NRS Media, I am asked to go and present our credentials to clients around the world. I get an insight into all types of media companies rangingContinue Reading

15 Tips For A Great Ad – Customer Benefit

Yesterday I covered Objective as the first tip for a great ad. Now remember these principles work across all media, be it TV, radio, or online. Today I wanted to talk about Customer Benefit. Just rememberContinue Reading

15 Tips For a Great Ad – Objective

Over the coming weeks I’ll be rolling out “15 Extremely Valuable Tips to a Great Radio Ad”, where I will cover a useful tip with some examples. Remember though, these principles work across all mediaContinue Reading

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