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Learn How To Start With A Story

The last few posts I’ve put on Talking Media Sales are stories. Stories are a great way to illustrate a point, break new ground with a client, and give you some tools so you’re able to stop jumping in to make the sale. Pitch or Laugh? One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is theyContinue Reading

“You Think It’s My Fault?”

Last week I took a trip to Sydney to do some planning with my company NRS Media, and as part of that trip I took a little time to catch up with some of the contributors that we are looking at adding to Talking Media Sales over the coming months. With one contributor, I gotContinue Reading

The Secret of Standing Up For Yourself

There’s a famous story told by Dan Kennedy* about a CEO calling him into his office, closing the door and saying… “I figured out we are paying you 10 times more per hour than we are paying me.” His answer – “Well there is a good reason for that. You know how to do everythingContinue Reading

The ‘Street Bestseller’ Kids

I came across this story from one of my LinkedIn contacts in India. It’s a great reminder that no matter how tough sales can be, there is always someone with the spirit, and courage, to keep asking for the order. The story begins… “I thought that the kid who sells books in street traffic canContinue Reading

7 Rules for Prospering in the New Economy

Media companies worldwide are experiencing never before seen challenges, and in many cases simply losing market share right before their eyes. It’s now time that we all think about changing the ways we do things. The tired, “we have always done it this way” excuses are not working. Here are my 7 rules for howContinue Reading

Sales Success Starts With Getting The Right People

It’s easy to predict the level of success a sales person will have at your first meeting. It usually comes down to three things – capability, commitment and industry fit. And usually if all three aren’tContinue Reading

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