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How ARE They Doing?

If you’ve already set clear expectations for your sales staff, you will be monitoring their performance regularly. For most sales managers, the best indication of a sales person’s success is the dollars they bring in. If they are not reaching sales targets within the agreed time, you’ll need to gather some information on what is

How Frequently Do You Reinvent Your Sales Department?

Monitoring, evaluation and review are all important parts of managing a sales team. Here are 9 questions you can ask yourself that will help. Start with the basics. Does your entire sales operation set annual, quarterly and monthly objectives? Is there a system for monitoring and evaluating your sales results on a regular basis? What

Got A Minute?

This is not original, but I thought it might be useful for all those sales mangers in media that get all those interruptions every minute of the day. It’s called “got a minute meetings”, I nicked it from Chet Holmes’s book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine” (don’t let the title put you off, it’s quite good,

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