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Let Me Introduce You To Bevan

It’s not often that when you go to a service station for petrol that you get met with customer service. In fact the word service should be taken out of service station altogether in my opinion. But that changed considerably when I called into a service station on the way up to a long weekend

Riding the Bus

A mate of mine works in the real-estate business. At the moment it’s probably not the best industry to be in, a bit like advertising some might say. As part of this company strategy they do a bus trip every Monday morning and go and visit all the new listings from the previous week. The

Give Your Opposition a Plug

Over the years I have conceded that maybe my opposition media company is the best fit for the client. If you are in that situation would you let the other guy take the business? The reason you may want to do that is to show your customer that actually you have their best interests at

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