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How Frequently Do You Reinvent Your Sales Department?

Monitoring, evaluation and review are all important parts of managing a sales team. Here are 9 questions you can ask yourself that will help. Start with the basics. Does your entire sales operation set annual, quarterly and monthly objectives? Is there a system for monitoring and evaluating your sales results on a regular basis? What

Honesty, The Best Policy

Be honest about your client list, or you are only cheating yourself. If you can’t be honest and admit that you cannot get any revenue out of certain client, it’s not the end of the world. We have all had to give up clients. If you have the swap or auction process in place then

Client ‘Auction’

This is a twist on the swap meet, and one that can be used by sales managers. Essentially, every few months you auction clients. The process is very simple, and very similar to the swap meet process we have talked about when cleansing client lists. Here is the Wikipedia example how an auction is defined:

Client ‘Swap Meet’

In this part of our deep dive, I wanted to talk about a client list “Swap Meet”. This is a really interesting way of reviewing your client list. Every few months you and team trade clients. The process is very simple – you, in conjunction with your Sales Manager, put forward clients you want to

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