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For The Soul

For The Soul

I have an old friend who owns an Accountancy shop in a tiny little town in New Zealand, Whangamata. Every year they spend $2,000- that’s right $2,000 on their local radio station, Kool FM. Their yearly

When The Well Runs Dry

When The Well Runs Dry

It was one of those breakthrough comments that changed the way we worked. We were in the throes of a brainstorm, trying to conjure up new ways of recruiting radio sales executives. A shortage of talent

Targeting Your Market

In the third of Shaun Fay’s “Extremely Valuable tips” he talked about the target market – in other words talking to the right audience, reader or viewer. Shot Gun The one common mistake that many media reps make is selling a client a product or offer that simply does not fit the demographic or audience

It’s Different Here

These last few weeks I have been travelling to Asia to visit some clients and make contacts with some new ones. In my capacity as the owner of NRS Media, I am asked to go and present our credentials to clients around the world. I get an insight into all types of media companies ranging

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