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Speed Selling – The Race Is On

Speed Selling – The Race Is On

Speed Selling is a great way to launch a new media company, and I have participated in it several times. Over the years it has become a lot more sophisticated. My company, NRS Media, has fine tuned it to pretty much launch a brand new media company into profit from day one. Speed Selling My

Nothing Wrong With A Song

There’s an old adage in advertising – “If you’ve got nothing to say- sing it”. Which is why you hear so many bad jingles on radio and television. And while I don’t love them, there’s a big

An Idea

An Idea

I have worked on both sides of the great divide. I’ve worked at radio stations where at times I had to produce 30 ads a day and I have also hankered down at the ad agency where you have all week to come

Customer Service in Action

A Drive personality receives a standing ovation for just doing his job We all know that customer service is the corner stone of any media operation. But in my experience many media operators pay lip service to it. Here is an example of a media operator that simply made customer service an attitude, and not

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