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What Problems Do You Have With Closing?

What Problems Do You Have With Closing?

What sort of problems is not closing or not handling objections causing you? Lack of confidence. Stress, more pressure from management. Lack of direction. Lack of motivation. Job security. Losing business forever. Income. Unable to grow your clients. All these can be overcome with a simple commitment to train yourself on understanding what your advertisers

11 Questions Sales People Rarely Ask and Should – Part 2

Yesterday we talked about some questions that rarely get asked but should on your first appointment. Here is the rest of the list. Does you competition advertise? This is an important question for two reasons. One, you might find out who their competition is, and secondly it makes them think about all the good things

But We Are Different, Mike!

Last week I talked about how important it is to take into account cultural differences when you work outside your own country. Working in say the United States, you can pretty much present your offer or product, and you will receive a yes or no very soon after asking for the order. This is also

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