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You Do Not Learn Less – Our Recommended Reading

In my house at 7am it’s chaos, three girls (including my wife) all trying to get ready for school and work all at the same time, the toast is burning, lunches to make, animals to feed and you have a 8am meeting with a new client. Sound familiar? Maybe or maybe not, but this may

Got A Minute?

This is not original, but I thought it might be useful for all those sales mangers in media that get all those interruptions every minute of the day. It’s called “got a minute meetings”, I nicked it from Chet Holmes’s book, “The Ultimate Sales Machine” (don’t let the title put you off, it’s quite good,

Mike’s Travel Diary – Part 2

I have just got off the flight from Napier to Atlanta, via Auckland and Los Angeles – about 18 hours flying, not counting the check in, the bag search, the customs and finally the bag pickup in Atlanta. Well, actually the “no bag” pickup. Atlanta airport is one of the biggest hubs in the world,

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