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Do you want to learn the basic skills it takes to become a direct media sales person?

Do you want to be a better closer? Do you want to be able to generate more leads? Learn how to be a better presenter? Make better appointments? Stand out from the crowd? Get better briefs from your direct clients on their advertisers’ needs?

At Talking Media Sales we believe there are too many direct media sales people who simply are not getting the training or support they should.

The truth is to be successful in any profession you have to go and find this information yourself.

We wanted to appeal mainly to the rookie direct media sales person who was promised the client list from heaven, a great media company to work with, training that is leading edge and commitment from the media company that he or she are going to be successful, and is told “just hang in there”. Sadly all over “media company land” sales reps are being over promised on many of these things and rarely are they delivered.

This is often not the fault of a General Manager or General Sales Manager; they are often in the other boat with their particular problems.

Our other reason for being is to educate. Not lecture, just explain and communicate what we know as media sales professionals. The ability to exchange information and ideas: to share that knowledge with others.

Our mission is to show our readers, step by step, how to do something they want to do, or become, or attain. It might be to say something different to a client, a new closing sequence, a better way to present an offer, or just simply to become better at what they do – even become so successful they do not need us anymore.


Just a quick note also on some of the links you will find on Talking Media Sales. When we find something awesome, we will point you in the direction great books, programs or other sites through a hyperlink on the site. Sometime this will be an affiliate link, meaning we get a small cut if you decide to purchase.


Our content is from contributors who have been there, and sat in your chair -one or two still are. We want to be able to deliver content you can use.

Join our fellow media sales people who each week get an updated Monday morning wrap up of the posts from the previous week. We have a monthly newsletter that has tips and ideas you can use straight away for yourself or even send onto your clients.

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