The First Time Buyer’s Secret

The First Time Buyer’s Secret

On many occasions when you are selling direct media in broadcast, newspapers or even online, it is imperative to understand the importance of the second sale.

We touched on this in a previous article.

In a recent newsletter (Dan Kennedy’s Gold Letter) I received last month it talked about that exact subject, the need to think about your clients in segments.

If you really want to dissect your client lists then here are 3 ways to do that.

  1. 1st time buyers – If you work in media you often find that you will be asked to submit a proposal to an advertiser that is using your media for the first time, or even you for the first time. Once you have a proposal accepted it is critical to get another proposal accepted as soon as possible. The key here is to get people into a buying pattern.
  2. No Sales – This is your typical proposal that is not accepted by your advertiser. What strategy do you have in place BEFORE the potential no? What is your plan B?
  3. Leads – This is taking advantage of the article we have previously posted. Introduction to media campaign.

These strategies are discussed in depth in my book with action plans to help you understand your clients better.

Good selling

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