How I Went From Failure to Success

How I Went From Failure to Success

In a recent article from Bob Bly, he listed all the things he was not so good at and then gave a valuable lesson at the end.

Here is my quick list and hopefully a lesson to.

  • In most things I have undertaken in my sales career I have failed in.
  • For example I used to get a couple of sales out of every 10 calls I made.
  • In my first venture into business I had to travel 10,000 miles every 3 months to get it started.
  • It took me nearly 50 years to start my first book.
  • Every year I set goals and only achieve about ½ of them.
  • I have set 10 big goals this year and have only achieved 4.
  • I write an article most days, and rewrite it about a dozen times, and then I think it is not worthy.
  • I have been working on a new book for 6 months and still have not quite cracked the theme.
  • I have sent lots of articles to magazines and not one has been accepted.
  • I only became a father when I hit 40.
  • As a parent I am forever getting it wrong, probably shout too much, regret it, start again, and plug into my teenagers stuff.
  • As a young man I dreamed of excelling in my sport of rugby, only to discover talent is something, desire and attitude is another.
  • I started a greeting card company only to see it fail.

The secret is that with the help of some amazing people and friends I have been successful in a couple of things.

  • Creating a media company that sells advertising programmes in over 23 countries, in 11 languages.
  • Have close to 200 staff in offices in London, Vancouver, Atlanta and Sydney who work exceedingly hard for their 400+ clients.
  • Started writing for three years ago and now have hundreds of members reading our articles and thousands visiting our website every day.
  • Have lifted my sales hit rate up from 2 to maybe 3.
  • Forgiven all the people who have stolen my stuff.
  • Discovered if you do not present your product the answer is always NO.
  • Discovered that no is actually KNOW.
  • Finished my first book with over 1000 sold in a few short weeks.
  • Stop being grumpy with my children. Sort of.

What I have also learnt this year is to be eternally grateful for every opportunity that comes my way.

Sales are the only profession I love and get the most enjoyment from.

Sales are what make the world go around.

The point is that if you find your passion go for it.

In media sales selling advertising is what pays the bills; never give up, keep going for your goals and try to remember that you do not have to hit a home run every time you go up to bat.

Thanks for all your support this year.

Have a great festive season.

Mike and the team at

Good selling.

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