Call Up and Introduce Yourself

Call Up and Introduce Yourself

I was talking to a real-estate friend over the weekend and he told me an interesting story about opportunities and how just maybe, they might be right in front of your face.

In any given real-estate market in any city in any country, the houses for sales with all the real-estate companies add up to thousands, hundreds of thousands probably, maybe even more.

This story is about a town which has a population of about ½ million and how the opportunity to connect with sellers and buyers

Listings looking for a house

In this market there are about 15,000 houses for sale, with various agents across the city, every seller wants to sell their home. So here is the thing, are they not buyers as well?

Are they either a buyer after they sell their home or are looking for a home themselves? Of course they are, if the agent who is selling the property is doing a good job, then they may be looking for the seller, but where are they looking, on the books of their own listings of course.

Sneaky Sales Tip 

One thing you cannot do as an agent is call up the seller of that house and say:

“Hey why don’t you come with me and I will sell your home” – that is a no no, however you can ring up and introduce yourself and say:

“ I understand that you are selling your home, which is fantastic, we wish you all the best, but you are also most likely in the market for a new one, can I just spent a few moments with you to ask what type of home you might be interested in?”.

Seems pretty straight forward to me, non-threatening, very soft approach. You then finish the conversation, activate your thank you card and post it off that day.

Put it to the test?

My friend decided to put it to the test, he asked his 150 agents to volunteer to spend one hour of the next week, in the office phoning these prospects, the time? Between 7pm-8pm at night. Guess what? He got 10 volunteers; yes just 10, out of a team of 150. That is pretty poor isn’t it.

Different here in Media 

So how this relate to a sales rep on a TV station, a radio company, a newspaper, or even online. In your market, how many folk are advertising, 1500, 2000? They are using a medium to get their message out.

Do you prospect like this, do you call congratulate them on their choice, but say “Hi, its Jack here from XYZ media company, can I pop my card in the mail to you, or maybe pop in over the next week just to say hello”

These days fortune favours the brave, not the wimps or the wusses…

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Good selling and please share.

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