How To Warm Up A Cold Client

How To Warm Up A Cold Client

I can recall when I first started learning how to overcome fear, and approach any client and get sales.

There is nothing like that feeling that you have when you get details and information about a client that in the past has been impossible for you to even get them to answer the phone.

There are common mistakes that media sales people make, especially when they go to approach new clients – not your established ones, just new ones.

Here are 3 common mistakes that media sales people make and how to avoid them.

MISTAKE #1: Selling your stuff and not their stuff.

If you are always trying to peddle your media they will switch off.

A HORRIBLE idea.  Advertisers are not really interested in you or your medium.  What they are interested in is a solution to their problem. The sooner you realise that, the more sales you will make.

MISTAKE #2: Trying to “be all things to all people”

What do most sales people do when they meet an advertiser that they want to do business with, but the advertiser is not interested? Right! They try to “convince” the advertiser that their medium is the best.


Never, ever, ever!

MISTAKE #3: Trying to please your advertiser all the time. Advertisers do not have a lot of time to cater to your needs. They want the facts there and then, and consider in many cases that sales people are an irritant.

They choose you on what you can offer to them. I know that many sales gurus will tell you that relationships are important, but not the first time you meet.

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