Face The Customer

Face The Customer

I know a very successful café owner, who, whenever I talk with her I always leave with a gem or two.

I was visiting her recently to see her latest venture, a NEW café.

In love with people

By way of background, after having successfully built up one of the most successful cafés and coffee businesses in my home town, after 20 years she and her partner decided to sell it.

After watching her for years, work the hours that she did to make this business successful, I thought she might want a rest.

However that is not her, she loves people and they love her, she is however very smart and understands her business well.

Manners matter

While we were talking I discovered a few rules she lives by whenever anyone comes into her café.

Here are just two.

  1. Eye contact- She says, “You have to make contact with your eyes when ever any one comes into your café, its polite but more importantly, its manners, and people like to be acknowledged.  Even if you cannot sit them at a table, they know you are there, and therefore they are most likely to stay.”
  2. Facing outwards- Most days she will have up to 15 staff to look after on the floor of the café, her word of advice to every last one of them. “Never have your back to a customer when they come into my cafe, face outwards” Why you might ask? Same principle as before, it’s a welcoming gesture, there is nothing worse  if you have experienced it, to see a group of staff sitting around talking, not in her café.

How does this relate to a media sales person, well there are certain clues that the best leave, a certain way of doing things around here. Maybe by watching what your best performers do, just might give you a leg up.

Good selling

PHOTO – BocaDoranda

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One Response to Face The Customer

  1. Your friend has the gift of knowing how to make people feel important, Mike. How many times have you walked into a store to find the person behind the counter busy on their smartphone? Acknowledging people’s presence is the first step toward establishing rapport. Rapport leads to trust. If you have the right product priced on value, that should lead to a sale.

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