What You Think Does Not Matter

What You Think Does Not Matter

“Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesperson, not the attitude of the prospect” –William Clement Stone.

I get to hear good stories from all over the world as to how direct media sales people are making a difference to advertisers’ lives.

In many situations media companies worldwide are feeling (according to them) the pressure of not getting their numbers. The market is tough, it is not like it used to be, advertisers are simply not buying like they used to – the excuses seem to go on and on.

I want to debunk that, it simply is not true. I like to bring good news to my members, and anyone else who reads this article. I know that if you offer value, and are committed to your advertisers they will, I say will buy off you.

Money is still there

The truth is that the money is always there, it may be less, but nonetheless it is always there, it just moves around. It might move from your medium to another, but the facts are that that advertising revenue is up most countries.

I have said before that media companies have to start doing things a little differently, and think about what advertisers want, not what they want.

In this article I have a good news story from newspaper; you know that medium that advertisers are simply not supporting.

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