Stop Selling The Copywriters Short

Stop Selling The Copywriters Short

It’s come to my attention that many copywriters worldwide are being ignored, especially in direct media sales. In fact many are being let go.

In a market of deregulation and stiff competition creative writers at the local level have always taken a back seat.

Let’s face it, creative attached to media has always been an add on – the cheap TV ad with 4 shots of the shop and the station receptionist voicing the ad – the $150 press ad- the $200 radio and sometimes free if we get the mid dawn guy to voice it.

But lately it’s got even worse – I recently heard that nearly all the major radio networks in Australia and New Zealand and other parts of the world have let go their senior creative people.


Of course many young writers attached to media centres are a lot smarter these days – they are totally digital and hopefully understand that this press/radio/TV ad is just one part of the mix.

But even if they do understand that, have they got the time to do anything about it? Or the inclination for that matter? Media companies are paying peanuts for their in house creative and the only one’s suffering are the poor sod that has to churn out those 10-20 a day, and your client.

Many clients say that “your media does not work”.

Hello, it’s not the medium guys it’s so often the lack of commitment to produce the right product and the right message.

We all know that media sales is a tough gig, we all know that but apart from your audience or reach or readership what you are selling is essentially the same.

Therefore what is your organisation’s point of difference? Your happy cheerful face or a kick arse creative back at the office that makes it easy and makes you look good?

Keep your clients spending by making sure the product is the best it can be.

STOP selling your copywriters short.

3 Responses to Stop Selling The Copywriters Short

  1. Shaun fay says:

    Hey no argument from me

  2. Brian Wybrow says:

    Creative people are the best sales people in a radio station.
    They listen to the clients needs and wants, not what’s in it for me.

  3. Mike says:

    Thanks Brian and Shaun.. trouble is no one is listening.

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