How Safe Are Your Clients From Other Sales People?

How Safe Are Your Clients From Other Sales People?

We all know that most advertising is mass marketing. We work with clients to construct an advertising campaign, select the times, programmes or sections of the newspaper or website and away we go.

We present the product and overcome the usual objections and then if the clients are prepared to invest in that campaign we put it to air, to view or on a website.

We also do that with prospecting as well, we decide that we want to target everyone, as an old mentor of mine used to say “anyone with a pulse”.

Well it does not have to be like that, what we advocate is clear goals when you begin to start a prospecting initiative.

So, what do you do?

Here are three ideas to get you started.

  1. Make sure you clearly identify who you want to work with – In one case recently I recommended to a client to first clearly identify who you want to attract – a customer profile.
  2. Once you have decided who you want to target, before you get started you really want to sit down and think to yourself not how many prospects or leads in my funnel or bucket but who I want in my funnel or bucket. It’s not about the quantity; it’s about the quality of the people on your list.
  3. Attract them to you – This final one is critical and we will go into that and others in more depth in Inside Media Sales our monthly on all things sales. What I usually recommend after the customer profile and who you want to target is, what is the bait you are going to send them that no one else is going to? What is your A move?

Prospecting or lead generation is an ongoing process however it is an area that many companies ignore, they think that once they are on their client list that is it. If you do actively prospect then you will get additional business, many media companies fall down on this. Take a few lessons from other businesses.

I have a friend who regularly mails out to his real estate list making the odd offer. Does he have to do that? Probably not, but he knows the value of keeping clients warm. He is very successful, but success comes through always prospecting, knowing who your customer is and being a little different.

As a sales person, these times are a great opportunity to work continually on this type of approach, when the economy turns you will be the one they work with.

Good selling

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