In Hot Water

In Hot Water

Over the years I have often been asked to present the creative in formal sales presentations. Usually on stage for 7 to 10 minutes I try and make the one point well.

One of my favourites and a good one for you all to use is the boiling kettle. It’s a wonderful analogy to keep clients spending. It uses the premise that it takes a lot of energy to make a kettle boil but not much to keep it boiling.

So rather than spend now and again on media, you really should consider a regular contract that keeps you top of mind – the kettle boiling. Other similar examples include the hot air balloon – lots of gas to get it up in the air not so much to keep it there.

Kettle or balloon – well worth remembering when you get that 6 month client looking for the quick fix.

But back to my boiling kettle and the time the sales guys had some fun at my expense. After a week of presentations I was up for the last one on Friday. The room was packed with clients and I had my kettle all ready to go. I switched it on and started my presentation – little did I know that the sales manager had slipped some washing powder into the kettle. As the kettle got hotter – foam begun to emerge all over the table, the stage, and my feet and of course everyone got a huge laugh and my presentation was in tatters. Very funny but be warned guys I have a long memory and revenge is like dessert.

Best served cold.

PHOTO – Maria Keays

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One Response to In Hot Water

  1. Shaun I am surprised you did not come back with a retort, can you get your creative brain going and think of a few here.
    My one: “Sales Manager trick all foam no substance” 

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