7 Things You Should Know About Building Rapport

7 Things You Should Know About Building Rapport

Building rapport with your clients is one of you single most important sales tools you have. Here are 7 things you need to think about and do to make sure you are doing it right.
  1. Be their greatest supporter -learn everything you need to know about the business find out what their interests are.
  2. What do you have in common? Be part of their team. Clients will open up to you more frequently once they know that you’re part of the team.
  3. Have empathy- listen if your client has a problem that needs to be solved 90% of the reasons why they tell you their problems is because they just wanted to be heard.
  4. Listen Actively – Many sales people interrupt, try to solve the problem there and then or just do not listen.
  5. Be more interested in them then anyone ever has been – Most media sales people call and want to sell them something, that is not rapport building its “ solving the wrong persons problem.”
  6. One thank you card a week- Just say thanks, thanks for the business, thanks for the interview, just thanks.
  7. Final one, send them FREE reports. We have several on Talking Media Sales. Just click here to find them.

Have a great sales week.

Good selling

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  1. […] You should use your built-in network – peers, professors and opportunities – to start building your network now. Couple those with tools like LinkedIn and you will see your network grow in front of your eyes. Werdel says there was nothing better she could have done as a young professional trying to build a strong Rolodex than selling media. If media sales is not in line with your post-grad plans, you can at least check out and develop similar skills. […]

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