What Media Sales People Need To Know About Twitter

What Media Sales People Need To Know About Twitter

Last week we talked about what Facebook’s rise and dominance means to media sales, and this week I wanted to cover Twitter.

While not on the user base is not nearly as massive as Facebook, it’s nonetheless a channel that you need to be familiar with.

Twitter has an active user base of over 100,000,000 people, that is people who log in at least once a month. Early on, this was driven by strong celebrity adoption, which fuelled rapid growth, and increasingly it is being used by brands as an important channel for both communication and customer service.

Because of the almost SMS like nature of Twitter updates (maximum 140 characters), it is often a rapid fire, almost fire hose like stream of activity. This means the longevity of the activity is much shorter, and competes for more attention than say a Facebook update.

For many brands who have set up Twitter accounts, it is a balance of communications, being conscious not to flood it with commercial messaging, instead finding content that is shareable and interesting, while at the same time being useful to their customers and clients.

Many local businesses and direct advertisers are using it as a channel for offers based activity, and sharing local based events and happenings, leaning heavily on the community aspect.

The Outtake

For sales people, the approach should be very similar to what you follow with Facebook. Follow your clients and their competitors, understand how they are utilising the channel and what they are promoting, and then use these as angles to build campaigns.

Because it is such a rapid fire stream, use tools like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to group your client’s feeds together to follow them better.

The other thing to use it for is leads and keeping up to date industry news. Did you know that 34% of marketers have used it for lead generation?

Follow advertising and marketing blogs, key industry players and agencies. And of course @talkmediasales.

How about you? Are you tweeting? Are you following clients? Who should we be following? Let us know below.

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