What Media Sales People Need To Know About LinkedIn

What Media Sales People Need To Know About LinkedIn

Welcome to the third installment of the “What You Need To Know” series on social media.

So far we’ve covered Facebook (which is due for it’s IPO next week), and Twitter, probably the two most popular platforms in terms of adoption and usage.

Today I wanted to talk about LinkedIn, which has become a powerful network in its own right, with a huge user base and some very smart acqusitions and plays in the space.

So first up, the numbers. LinkedIn’s 161 million users makes it a major player, and if you’re not already a member you should be.

This isn’t a network where you share photos and play games, this is a professional networking site, where you can connect with your clients, recommend work, join groups of like minded professionals and more.

The big news last week was their acquisition of SlideShare, a presentation sharing site, for $119 million.

The Outtake

As I mentioned, if you’re not on it already, make sure you sign up.

First tip, make sure your profile is complete. This is for a couple of reasons – it builds your profile (think of it like a resume on steroids), and demonstrates expertise. Encourage recommendations of your work by people who know you well. Recruiters use this network heavily, so if you’re in the market for a new job, then be as complete as possible.

Connect with your clients and colleagues on there. Keep track of client movements, new hires and changes to roles and responsibilities. This gives you something to talk about.

I also recommend joining groups. There are numerous groups for media sales professionals (we have a group on there also) where conversations around the industry take place. Participate, answer polls, pose questions and respond. Build your profile as an expert.

My personal favourite part of it is LinkedIn Today. This is a customisable feed of stories related to your industry (and others you are interested in) that surfaces the most popular and most shared stories, and is ideal for keeping up to date with what is happening.

Lastly, spend some time on their new acquisition, SlideShare. You will find a plethora of great presentations on there about pretty much anything.

How about you? How are you using LinkedIn?

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