200,000 in 2 months

200,000 in 2 months

I caught up with Dave over the weekend. Dave’s an old mate who works in the ad game and we try and catch up regularly for a beer and a game of footy.

In the half time break he started telling me about his week and how excited one of his clients was that their YouTube video had hit 200,000 views in just 2 months.

You’d think it was Christmas said Dave – as they raved on about engagement, brand ambassadors, connection. “200,000 views in 2 months”.

At that point Dave mentioned a popular TV show to his client and said – “Hey, if you’d been on that show last night you would have had 1.5 million views in 1 night!”

Certainly made me think – while there’s nothing wrong with social media it does need some perspective.

Another beer, Dave?

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3 Responses to 200,000 in 2 months

  1. An interesting post Shaun, and happy to add my perspective here on social media.

    The really important thing to note here is the difference between a traditional media channel like TV and a new media platform like YouTube.

    200,000 views per month certainly is something to get excited about, because those are “opt in” views. No one watches a video on YouTube unless they click on it, so what he has there is effectively 200,000 guaranteed, measurable views.

    When you compare this to TV, 1.5 million people may have watched the show, but how many watched the ads? Who knows?

    That’s the difference between the two. Platforms like YouTube are “lean forward” – people are choosing to watch them, and engaging directly with them.

    Not taking anything away from TV though – it is still incredibly high reach – but on the other hand is very much “lean back” – it’s a passive consumption channel where viewers may or may not sit through the ads, take notice, or even stay in the room.

    • Love those terms Ben. Lean Forward- Lean Back- Brilliant. It’s an interesting argument, I wonder for how long this media will be Lean Forward. I have 2 kids who are on their comps all night- I don’t see too much Lean Forwarding going on there.


  2. Totally agree with Ben.

    Quality not quantity!

    200,000 interested people who CHOSE to view that video are more likely to be qualified buyers or clients of that product/service.

    And if those prospective buyers are franchised with what they saw they are more likely to spread the word by “Sharing” the clip with their peers – who also are more likely to be prospective cutsomers due to peers usually sharing common interests etc.

    If one of those viewers is what Malcolm Gladwell terms a “Maven”, being a person of influence over certain groups, then the likelihood of that product becoming a part of a culture is more likely.

    This is a clear definition of push/pull marketing.

    TV is PUSHING the viewer to see the ad, regardless of interest, but YouTube has created PULL to engage interested viewers.

    How do you like pushy sales people?

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