How Much Do You Know About Your Clients?

How Much Do You Know About Your Clients?


We all strive for better client relationships in this industry. It is the backbone of what we do, and can often be the difference between clinching a deal and not.

I know guys who play golf regularly with their best clients, others who lunch with them at least once a week and some who have a coffee meeting every morning.

These might be at the top end of relationship building, but at its simplest, it comes down to knowing information about your client beyond where their offices are and how much they spend each year.

I’m talking about personal details, things that allow you to strike a conversation up and build rapport beyond the sell.

Do you know when their birthday is? Do they have kids? What are their names? What interests do they have outside of work?

Right there are four questions that are simple in nature, but can make all the difference. And think about how you can act on that information beyond asking. Are they getting married? Send flowers.

Any good CRM system will allow you to keep an accurate track of these things, but if you don’t have one, mark them in your diary to follow up on next time you call.

What information about your clients do you think it’s important to know?

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