7 Ways To Build A Great Client List

At the heart of every sales person’s business is the all important client list. So how do you go about building one that is comprehenisve and qualified? Here are my 7 tips for building a quality client list.

  1. Get it from your sales manager – this is the most common way for a new sales person to build a client list. Your sales manager will have a list of clients who have belonged to a previous sales person, or might have agreed to advertise in the past.
  2. Inherit an old one – if you are new, or have been in the position for a while, you may inherit some additional clients from sales people that have left. This is the time when you check to see if you have the right information.
  3. Get the right information – when you are building a new client list, or just reviewing an old one, there are key areas that you will need to make sure you have. Two decision makers is one tip, both phone and mobile numbers is another
  4. Check the information – Do regular reviews of your client list, every 6 months. That means calling and checking to see if you have the right contact details and important information. People change position and move away.
  5. Send a bio – once completed make sure to send out a bio about yourself. Direct sales in media are about standing out and getting noticed. You may even get a professional photograph done to go with that bio.
  6. Follow up with letter– After you have sent out your introduction letter and bio it might make sense to send another letter outlining some benefits about you and your company, and maybe even an introductory offer.
  7. Make an appointment– now that you have collected all the right information, sent a bio and letter of introduction, it’s time to make an appointment so you can begin to build that all important relationship.

Tomorrow I’ll talk a little about getting the client list from the sales manager and what to do with it when you do.

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