15 Secrets of Radio Copy


Media sales is a tough gig and in a world that’s creating more media options every single day, it ain’t getting any easier.

As a creative writer I constantly see and feel the increasing pressure many of you are exposed to. You have my sympathy and hopefully my understanding.

Trouble is of course the more focus there is on client spend, the less importance is paced on the creative. Ads don’t work- clients walk away and your day gets even tougher.

There are hundreds of tips out there to help make you a better sales person but very few to help you create better ads.

That’s why I have created 15 Secrets of Radio Copy. And while the title says radio the lessons work across all media.

These 15 Secrets won’t just help make you a better sales person they will make the ads you are responsible for work harder. And when the ads work harder your client stays happy and continues to spend.

In my 15 Secrets to Radio Copy, each segment includes a short explanation of the secret and then an example of how that secret has been used in an ad.

And these secrets work across all media, TV, print, radio online – we have simply provided audio examples so it is easier for you to listen on the iPod or your car.

Secrets include:

    • Five vital questions you should ask at every client session.
    • Learning how to teach your client to focus – and the difference between long and short term copy.
    • Discover why every sales meeting needs the discipline of a brief.
    • The emotional; journey- People buy with their heart first.
    • Discover the Averageator and how it works when you write copy
    • Put life back into your customer’s positioning statement.
    • 3 simple formulas on how to get a great brief from your clients at the first meeting
    • Find out why a bike is a great metaphor for writing great radio copy.
    • Learn why ideas are the new currency
    • The core competence – what the advertising is really about
    • And much more…

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Praise for Shaun Fay’s copywriting

“When all you do is create advertising you get very good at it. I’ve been working with Shaun and IG3 for years. Love the thinking. Everyone in Sydney knows our line. “When all you do is conveyancing you get very good at it”.”
Paul Denny
Paul Denny Conveyancing, Sydney

“Shaun has that rare ability to make radio not just a bolt-on part of a marketing campaign but a powerful, very entertaining extension. He adds serious creative value and that’s invaluable for a busy agency like ours.”
Duncan Robertson
Director of River Communications, Auckland, NZ.

“I was his PA, now I’m his client. Good advertising is all about communication and when you know someone 10 years, you know if you’re the same. Shaun’s like me. He loves to get it done.”
Summer Gartrell
Marketing Manager, Leading Edge Jewellers.

“Shaun Fay knows radio. He knows what makes it work, and how to inspire emotions like no other. With Shaun and IG3 now providing global access, tapping his expertise just got easier. Shaun’s international experience is unquestionable. A great resource indeed.”
Derek Lockwood
Director of Design Saatchi & Saatchi


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But if I am wrong, and you are not 100% satisfied with 15 Secrets to Great Copy for any reason … or for no reason at all … just let me know within 90 days.

I’ll give you a full and prompt refund. And you can keep the secrets with my complements.

That way, you risk nothing.

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Shaun Fay

Creative Director


P.S. Order my 15 secrets of Radio Copy today and I’ll give a copy of my Advertising Brief and 15 of my all time favourite radio commercials from down under.

In this FREE Advertiser Brief you’ll discover the key questions I ask at every meeting. Including:

  • Strategy- What do the advertisers do?
  • Core Competence (what the advertiser is all about)
  • Questions about media preferences
  • Questions about marketing spends
  • Questions on how to ask a clients success and what they thought worked in their advertising
  • Discover questions on who advertisers are talking to.
  • What is the most common problem an advertiser needs to tell you? The secret formula on belief
  • The most important thing to understand when selling and marketing any product.
  • And more….

Best of all, this brief and 15 commercials is FREE- it hard to put a value on this brief it could be worth hundreds. We have a value of $100. But is yours to keep FREE … even if you request a refund on the e-book!

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